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4 Beauty Lies You Tell Yourself

Do you know that little voice in your head? That voice is one of the most powerful tools you have in your arsenal to achieve the life you want to live. Unfortunately, it can also be the one thing that holds you back and keep you down as well.

Here are four things we say to ourselves, and which know inside to not be true. So stop lying to yourself – it’s due time to get rid of self-limiting beliefs.


Procrastination is simply human nature – but procrastinating a good skin-care strategy can have compounding effects later in life. This rings true at any age, but especially in one’s 20s and 30s, when the visible signs of ageing should still be in their infancy. Ask any seasoned beauty professional and they will tell you that prevention is far easier than correction, so don’t wait until a new wrinkle has formed to start treating that area for those signs. Getting a head start will keep you ahead of the curve for longer, and when they do set in, they will be far easier to correct and keep at bay.


Little things add up, both the good and the bad. Over time and with repeated exposure, some of the most damaging UV exposure occurs when we least expect it – such as on days with seemingly protective cloud coverage, or during unassuming runs down the ski slopes.

While sunscreen is increasingly crucial as we approach the Summer months, UV protection is not seasonal – we really do need it year-round. Incorporate SPF into your winter skincare routine, and you’ll be surprised with your skin’s natural glow when it’s finally time to bare the layers and show it off.


We all have our vices – and while we can appreciate our human faults, it’s important to respect the limitations we place on ourselves. So if your vice is sugary sweets then, by all means, go enjoy it – but set a limit with the awareness that exceeding that limit will eventually lead to consequences.

Keeping your hand out of that cookie jar, and enjoying your vices with discipline and moderation, will pay dividends for your skin’s quality down the road.


While you can’t technically trade-in your genetics (well not yet, at least), it does not mean that your genes are not capable of better. Oftentimes we too easily blame our genetics before we blame our lifestyle and habits. This comes at the expense of revealing to ourselves what our genetics are truly capable of achieving.

So fall love in yourself and what you’re made of, and also enjoy the journey of pursuing your genetic potential. With time, discipline and good habits, you really may just surprise yourself!

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