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Beauty 365: Winter Skincare

Love it or hate it, winter brings with it colder temperatures, big parkas, and a need for more climate-specific skincare. It can be a twofold struggle with the outdoors bringing in skin-blistering, lip-chapping cold, while the indoor heating can deplete moisture from your skin. Plan ahead for the next Winter season with these seasonal skincare tips.


The colder weather means it’s time to utilize the heavier moisturizers that wouldn’t don’t bode well for the warmer months. Sometimes the only part of our body that’s exposed to the outdoor elements, our faces can really take a beating in the winter. Set aside the gels and lotions, and look for creams that will help lock in the moisture. Creams also usually contain higher concentrations of skin-nourishing oils, and the thicker consistency provides a more effective medium to absorb those nutrients.


As cold weather can make skin more sensitive, be strategic in selecting products with the right ingredients to avoid irritation and winter flare-ups. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Ceramides: These are essentially long-chain lipids that support the structure of your skin cells. Ceramide levels drop dramatically towards the Winter, resulting in more moisture loss – so look to replace your ceramide levels with the right skin products.
  • Squalene: An oil derived from rice, sugar cane, and olive oil, and that we also produce naturally. Squalene is fantastic at nourishing and moisturizing skin.
  • CBD: Increasingly popular in numerous forms, CBD has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties shown to reduce winter sensitivity.
  • Hyaluronic Acid:  This superstar ingredient comes in short-chain and long-chain forms. The former penetrates deep into the skin while the latter provides supreme epidermal (upper layer) nourishment. Look for a combination of the two.
  • Urea: One of the oldest skincare active ingredients available, urea has had lasting power thanks to its ability to regulate skin’s water content and in supporting cell turnover.


Exfoliation should be part of your skincare routine all year round, but be cautious during the winter months when your skin is already being pounded by the elements. Excessive cold can really take its toll on your skin barrier (which keeps moisture in and external pollutants out), and over-exfoliation may just push it over the edge. Consider reducing your exfoliation days to 1-2 days a week – test it out and see what works for your skin type.


Bring the winter skincare indoors, especially since there is a good chance you’ll be spending more time inside during these months. Heaters can keep you cozy, but they also dry out the surrounding air, which ends up drawing moisture out of your skin. Mediate this with a humidifier, which reinfuses moisture into the air and keeps Transepidermal Water Loss at bay.

Tip #5 | SUNSCREEN 365

You’re probably tired of hearing this, but we’re going to say it anyway: Wear Sunscreen. Oftentimes the cold brings about a false sense of security, but the sun is still up there and so are the skin-damaging UV rays it emits. You might be able to get away with a lower SPF factor on overcast days during winter, but when the sun is out then play it safe and wear a minimum of SPF 30.

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